A 2-hour business and creative consultation to help artists & visual entrepreneurs
gain clarity about their next move.

You’ll get real life tips, feedbacks, strategies and techniques to enhance your own creative business in whatever stage you are currently in. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions, based on my experience and wisdom in digital marketing, branding and creative consulting as well as years in the illustration & graphic design industry, to help you authentically pursue your vision.

how does it work?

Whether you’d like to:
- Get started in the illustration industry
- Create an authentic business & marketing strategy
- Revamp your branding
- Get guidance creating a crowdfunding campaign
- Open an online shop…

how we’ll work togetheR

After filling in a pre-consultation questionaire sharing your intentions with me

I’ll start the call with a 1-hour audit of your current situation analysing your
strengths & weaknesses as they relate to your goal

Then, we’ll go through 1-hour of tailored recommendations, strategies and we’ll end with
an action plan to implement right away

WHAT’s included?

  • A 2-hour creative & business consultation (audit + strategy)

  • A recording of our video call

  • Full recommendations and action plan for you

  • Email access for accountability and support for 30 days




“I was at the starting point of building my illustration business. Between the excitement of finally doing something I'd been wanting to do for ages, and the anxious feeling of uncertainty about my career, this is when I met Araki, by chance, and felt like it was really meant to be! She's a master of simplicity and minimalism and how to incorporate those principles into something you're passionate about. Her 2-hour session was straightforward yet relaxed and easy to follow. She analyzed all my practices so far and gave me insightful advices. After the session, she provides a tailored report and bonuses which helped me review, build a business strategy and take steady actions. I was amazed by the deep knowledge she's been gaining as a professional artist. Her suggestions are very practical and easy to apply for any business model. I strongly recommend her session for those who feel a creative block, are struggling on their creative journey or want to boost their creative career. Thanks so much Araki!”

- Akane Yabushita (Illustrator & Photographer)

What Happens Next?

1. Click the button above to book a select a day and process your payment

2. I will email you with a link to a pre-consultation questionnaire to fill in before our session