The Slow Rising package is a 6-month creative coaching programme designed to help you make significant mindset shifts in 6 months. You’ll get a chance to go deep into strenghtening your identity, building confidence navigating obstacles and getting the knowledge necessary to help you produce soulful work
and share it to the world with integrity.

If you’d like to benefit from this program without committing long-term,
I’d recommend the 3-month Early Rising package.

Who is it for?

Whether you are an creative, an entrepreneur, a dreamer (or all); this package is for you if :

  • You are currently experiencing a creative block (for years, months or chronically)

  • You’ve been procrastinating on a meaningful creative or business project for too long and need support to finally show up and do the work

  • You are feeling like an imposter for wanting to embrace your creativity more

  • You are craving to make art but not sure where to start

  • You’re tempted to change direction in your life or career and feel overwhelmed

  • You are committed to face, challenge and remove any limiting beliefs separating you from your dreams


Here’s an overview of how we’ll spend the next 6 months working together:


Before starting working together, we’ll go through an inventory process to help you identify:

What’s working?
What’s not working?

RESULT - At the end of our first call you will be crystal clear about where you are now, where you’d like to go and how I will be able to help you get there.



The most fundamental elements that will strenghten your creativity is your self awareness and how much you know about your authentic self. The overflow of information we are bombarded with distracts us, and leaves no room for headspace in our life. As a result, it gradually leads us to feel disconnected from our core identity.

Are your choices and tastes really yours or are you inconsciously being influenced by what is widely considered as desirable and ‘cool’?

During this season, I’ll guide you through a series of exercices, challenges & bonuses to help you reconnect with your real self and strenghten your inuition:
- Who are you?
- What do you love?
- What drives you?

RESULT - At the end of the first step, you will have a deeper knowledge about who you are, what makes you special and what lights you up. Putting more of your genuine personality, strengths and quirks into your art is what’s going to help set you apart, give you purpose and help experience genuine happiness and sustained passion over the long term.



Obstacles separating us from our biggest goals take many forms and love staying by our side no matter the stage we are on our journey.

Which story are you telling yourself? Which box are you trying to fit in? Which rules are enslaving you?

On this season, I’ll share with you invaluable tools to learn how to cohabit with them in peace and even use them at your advantage to get closer to your vision.

With a set of effective tools and techniques I will help you:
- Identify
- Reprogram old, current and upcoming limiting beliefs, blocks, & fears

RESULT - At the end of the second step, you’ll know how to confidently spot external and internal obstacles that make you feel small and create powerful strategies to overcome those blocks.



Now that your foundations are stronger - clearer self awareness and more confidence navigating obstacles - it’s now the practical implementation stage where you will channel your inner warrior and step into the arena to do the work, expand through intentional actions and bringing unique value to the world.

During this process, I will use a mix of creative coaching, business consulting & other tools to authentically step up your game in areas such:
- Strategy
- Branding & Marketing
- Productivity
- Self-care

RESULT - At the end of the 6 months, you’ll achieve significant milestones and fully embody the authentic creative that you always knew you could be!


£2500 in full (saving £200)
(or £800 deposit + £380 over 5 months)


  • SLOW DOWN clarity call & guided journal

  • 3 x 1-hour coaching calls per month (18 in total)

  • Email access for ongoing accountability & support for 6 months

  • Recording of our session with notes & homework for you

  • Tailored resource list of videos, podcasts, books and articles