Who is it for?

  • You are experiencing a creative block or insecurity (for years, months or chronically)

  • You’ve been procrastinating on a meaningful creative or business project for too long and need support to finally show up and do the work

  • You are self-taught, and the thought of not having an academic background in art constantly make you feel like an imposter

  • You are craving to make art but not sure where to start

  • You’re tempted to change direction in your life or career and feel overwhelmed

  • You are committed to face, challenge and remove any limiting beliefs separating you from your dreams



I’ll meet you where you are on your journey and apply the tools that will best serve you.
Here’s an overview of my coaching process:


Before starting working together, we’ll go through an inventory of where you are now,
where you’d like to go and how I will help you get there.

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The most fundamental element that will strenghten your creativity is your self awareness and your willingness to trust the Universe. Putting more of your genuine personality, strengths and quirks into your art is what’s going to help set you apart, give you purpose and help experience genuine happiness and sustained passion over the long term. I’ll guide you through a series of exercices, challenges & bonuses to help you reconnect with your authentic self and strenghten your intuition.

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Obstacles separating us from our biggest goals take many forms and love staying by our side no matter the stage we are on our journey. Which story are you telling yourself? Which box are you trying to fit in? Which rules are enslaving you?
With a set of effective tools and techniques I will help you identify & reprogram old, current and upcoming limiting beliefs, blocks, & fears.

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When your foundations are well grounded and your limiting beliefs have less power over you, this is where mindset and focus come into play. During this process, practical implementation is undertaken where you will channel your inner warrior and step into the arena to do the work, expand through intentional actions and bring unique value to the world.



You will have a deeper knowledge about who you are, what makes you special and what lights you up, you’ll know how to confidently spot external and internal obstacles that make you feel small and create powerful strategies to overcome those blocks with the aim to help you achieve significant milestones in your authentic creative journey.



  • 2-hour video call

  • Email access for accountability & support for 1 week

  • Recording of our session with notes

  • Assignments to deepen your transformation

  • Tailored resource list of videos, podcasts, books and articles