SPOTLIGHT series - Ioana Lupascu

Ioana Lupascu

Multidisciplinary Artist
London, UK

Photo by Cornelia Gaie

Photo by Cornelia Gaie


1) Could you briefly tell us who you are, how old you are and what you do?

My name is Ioana, I just turned 30 and I am a London based artist and designer.

2) How did you first got in touch with your creativity?

I have always been attracted to newness. In my hometown (Bacau, Romania) there used to be this place called ‘Children Palace’ where they had classes for children. I must have gone to most of them. Whether it was judo, chess, dancing or painting, I wanted to be a part of the class. The desire to understand, figure out and learn something new is what attracted me, I wanted to know what other already knew. I used to get bored quite quickly, so I had to figure out creative ways to convince my parents to constantly sign me up to the next class. I used to wonder about a lot, getting in trouble for getting too far from home. I associate that curiosity about the world around with creativity.

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3) What passions and values drive you?

'Stay curious!' Is probably my most valued motto.  

For a long time I wished I had a better defined idea of my passions. I used to look up to those who knew from early childhood what they wanted to be, society seemed to reward them, I craved that outer appreciation of who I was.

Now, I try to embrace the unknown future of every new passion. Instead of comparing myself to other, I now am supportive, there is space for all of us to be creative. 

At the moment I am increasingly curious about creative movement, urban spaces and the role of abstractions in mirroring emotional states. 

Other than that, I am focused on becoming a better listener, to myself and other.

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4) Is there a connection between the simplicity of your work and your lifestyle?

There is a certain attention to layers and how things come together that exists both in my drawings and lifestyle. I am quite particular about a lot of my choices. It’s so easy to get lost in the noise of the world around, I’m slowly learning to control the frequency of input and output and be present in those moments. 

5) How do you manage to stay consistent with your aesthetic/direction/vision?

I try to listen to my intuition when experimenting with new ideas. My work takes different shapes, art installations, painting, drawings, film photography, rather than forcing all these mediums in a particular aesthetic, I allow my curiosity to be the common root. 

6) What would you keep doing even if no-one was watching?


7) What advice would you give to our readers who are creatively blocked or insecure?

It’s a process, feeling stuck or insecure is part of it. Talk about it, break it down, drink some tea and enjoy the small steps of working it through. 

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