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This is the first of the SPOTLIGHT series. This new section features interviews of artists I admire, who have a minimalist aesthetic, a unique style, and a strong vision unaltered by outside noise. My hope is to offer you tangible inspirations to fully embrace simplicity and authenticity in everything that you do.


Ceramic, painting, illustration, graphic design, textile

The Uinverso sisters

The Uinverso sisters

1) Could you briefly tell us who you are, how old you are and what you do?
We are Priscila and Nadiuska Furtado, Brazilian designers, 32 years old 

2) How did you first got in touch with your creativity?
PRISCILA — Probably as a kid drawing from movies and after that through photography.

NADIUSKA — I guess photography as a hobby was my first attempt. It made me pay more attention to details and made me search for inspiration.


3) What passions and values drive you?
PRISCILA — Photography, movies and design are the things I'm constantly looking and learning about.

NADIUSKA — I think, simply learning new mediums and exploring projects we've already started. It's motivating. We are excited about the creative process. 
The strongest value we always stick to is honesty - being real with ourselves about everything we do. Simplicity and honesty is the key to keep doing what we do. It allows us to take the time we need to think and keep a healthy mind.


4) Is there a connection between the simplicity of your work and your lifestyle?

PRISCILA — It’s a balance we try to achieve in life and our work. Harmony is actually what we are looking for.

NADIUSKA — We are always trying to keep things simple. Everything in life looks already so complicated, feelings, thoughts, everyday life, our society... We keep searching for ideas to balance that and provide positive feelings.

5) How do you manage to stay consistent with your aesthetic/direction/vision?

BOTH — After some years of exploration, you kind of learn the things you don't like; and combining that with your interests, it all ends up guiding your work.  

6) What would you keep doing even if no-one was watching?

BOTH — We do a lot of studies in different mediums and take photos to inspire some compositions later.

7) What advice would you give to our readers who are creatively blocked or insecure?

PRISCILA — The more you do, the more you get it, so keep studying. The first attempts might fail, but you will succeed. Things takes time.

NADIUSKA — Don't compare yourself to others. Keep doing your thing. And if you haven't found it yet, explore to see what you enjoy, because success is not a straight line. Once you’ll find that uplifting feeling, you'll always have the motivation to keep going.


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