We are all creative.

Renato Sabatino, Compressaõ/Cubo, 2013. Musée de la ville, Aveiro

Renato Sabatino, Compressaõ/Cubo, 2013. Musée de la ville, Aveiro


We are ALL creative.

All of us.

The only act of existing, on this earth, leaves trace of our existence behind us.

We leave trace of how we choose to live. Thus, we are all creative.

We are creators of our own lifestyle. We decide on the places we want to live, on the actions we want to participate, and how we express ourselves.

We decide on how we want to visually appear, but also on the work we decide to do, whether it is traditionally considered creative or not.

Whether we are lawyers, receptionists, housewives, we create.

Through our existence we are all creative. 

We shape people and things surrounding us.
By being shapers, we are also creative.

So as creatives, our main mission and our main purpose on this planet, is to add value and be intentional with what we are putting out there. It’s super important.

 Which value are we bringing? Which value are we creating with our existence?

 You see, the more connected we are with Source, the more connected we are with the Universe, the more connected we are with God. In other terms, the closer we are with our intuition, the better the value will be.

Meditation is one of the many ways you can access this intuition, listen to the voice of your higher self, listen to the directions you are supposed to follow to bring value to the world. It’s all coming from there.

 My goal is to offer you ways to be closer to that inner guidance. Because the act of creating is a spiritual act. When you are conscious that any creation you produce can have an impact on someone and on the world, you become intentional and you make sure that your existence is rooted in the Divine.

That’s why the most important asset that we have is our mind and the most important work that we have to do to is to direct it in the right direction through deep inner work.

If you don’t do any of that, you just go through life, disconnected from what’s within yourself. You just keep going horizontally, looking at the past or the future, and your gaze is constantly outside of yourself.

When you are not centered, what you’ll create will only be based on what the outside world is telling you to do, often so on an unconscious level, as you’ve been shaped by your surroundings, upbringing and community (medias, cultures, rules, mindset and values). Although they can become powerful fuel for your contribution to the world, more often than not they aren’t authentically designed for you and suppress a huge part of what was already within you before being conditioned. This is what’s desperately trying to emerge from you when you feel empty, uninspired, and lack direction.

Ultimately, the most important gift you can bring is the one coming straight from yourself. Only you knows what it is.


If you are still in doubt, I invite you to embrace a nomadic and minimalist mindset which require curiosity, openness and intentional choices. No need to empty your house or leave the country, promise. Look inwards for guidance while staying active, curious and pay attention to the signs and how you feel on the outside. Follow Marie Kondo’s guidance by paying attention to what’s sparks joy, however, be flexible enough not to resist the flow of life leading in an opposite direction you might have never considered.
Yes, take that course you’ve been eyeing for a while, book that trip in that country you’ve had on your bucket list since childhood, and also choose how to react and make the best of being unemployed or heartbroken. There’s wisdom in there too.

I’m curious, how have you been creative in your life so far? If you don’t consider yourself as such, what have been the blocks preventing you from embracing that label for yourself?