My name is Araki Koman, an Illustrator and strong advocate for simplicity and authenticity in my life and creative work. My minimalist mindset and lifestyle helped me recover from a 10 years creative block, while living in 9 countries as a slow nomad.

“society’s glorification of complexity over simplicity, separate humans from their
creatIVE POWER.”

My passion lies in the belief that our deepest and most profound healing occurs when we learn to remove the inner and outer clutter separating us from our inner creative power and wisdom.

With the strong belief that society’s overglorification of complexity over simplicity is the main cause of creative blocks, I tap into the principles gained from my own lifestyle (slow living, minimalism, nomadism); to help people reclaim their authentic creative voice, develop their unique skills and design a fullfilling life around it.


“Minimalism is a mindset that emerged from my nomadic lifestyle.
it helped me reconnect with MY INNER VOICE & clearly see what was missing when depression hit me after a decade
of suppressed creativity.”

Araki Koman


At the core of PRECIOUSIMPLICITY’s name, concept and branding is
an ode to the ordinary,
subtle imperfect beauty & simplicity, which hide the
depth of it all

Precious (adjective): Of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.

Simplicity (noun): The quality or condition of being plain or natural and easy to understand.

The circle represents the infinite, emptiness, a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.


Over centuries, institutions, systems and artists themselves have created the myth of a complex and intellectual creativity, making it mentally, socially and financially inaccesible to many.

I believe we are all creative. However, the praise for complexity make us think: “It’s too impressive, I could never do it”. On the other end, exposing ourselves to simplicity has the magical effect of giving us permission to express ourselves in our own way too.

PRECIOUSIMPLICITY aims to demistify creativity by celebrating simplicity to create authentic work, and free ourselves from the pressure generated by abundance of choice (colours, mediums…) and the dominant quest for perfection and popularity in the creative industry.

On this plateform, you will find the following tools:

Articles highlighting the benefits of slow living, nomadism and minimalism in a visually and mentally cluttered world.

Solo episodes and inspiring conversations about minimalism, nomadism & intentional living with authentic creatives who live and apply those principles in their work and lifestyle.